Tax free photography shopping for international travellers!

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Good news for my international customers!

From now on you can get tax refund for your pictures, albums, frames and other photographic products ordered with me.

You can receive up to 19% money back.


Are you eligible?

Tax refund is possible for non EU travellers. You have to be a non-resident and leave the European Union with your goods at latest three months after your purchase.

You may get tax refund if you are a traveller coming for a short visit in Brussels and visit me for a photo-session.

You live in Belgium but your parents are joining you for a short visit? If they visit me for a photo session they will not only get a tax refund but also wonderful memories with the grandkids.

You can check if you are eligible on Global Blue website.

I’m the only photographer in Belgium accredited for tax refund with Blobal Blue.


How to get your tax refund?

Follow those simple steps:


  • Book a session

  • Tell me that you would like to have a refund

  • Stamp the document I’ll provide you at the custom office when leaving Belgium.

  • Receive your refund

  • Enjoy your pictures for the years to come.

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