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Photography for your precious moments

Your newborn baby photo-session

Why do you need newborn photography?


The first weeks of a new baby have special magic. They are so tiny still just perfect !

Your new baby will grow really fast and you would like to remember those cute little hands and toes, his expressions, his entire body fitting into your hands.

With newborn photography my aim is to celebrate baby’s arrival, show true emotions and love that binds you as a family.


What type of pictures?


I love simple, natural photography. Your baby and your family should be the centre of the picture.

We’ll keep the pictures as pure as possible and avoid any decorations and props that can distract the attention from your baby. Your baby will be naked or covered with a soft wrap.


When is the best moment for newborn baby pictures?


The best moment for your newborn session is between day 5 and 15 of your baby. Babies are still curly and sleepy. After the second week they can become fussy, some have colics, others baby acne.

I love documenting all stages of children’s development but the first weeks have a special magic for me.
Are you interested in an older baby, toddler or kids photo-session or maybe you would like to try the unique “A day in the life” documentary photography expérience?

What to expect during your session?

Most newborn sessions are done in my studio and start at 10AM. The environment is calm and cosy. Enjoy what are often the first calm moments after your baby’s arrival.

I’ll provide you everything you need for your baby session. Just bring some clothes for you and older siblings.

Your session is likely to last between 2 hours and 2 hours and a half. Every baby is different and if your’s need more time we’ll take it. I’ll provide plenty of time for feeding and cuddles.

Pre-session consultation

Once you book your photo-session we will schedule a pre-session consultation. The aim is to get to know us better and adapt the session to your particular needs.

We may do it by phone or in person in the studio. The choice is yours.

Viewing appointment

We will meet again two weeks after the session. During this appointment I’ll present you the 20-25 best pictures from the session.

During that appointment you will be able to select your favorite pictures and the way you would like to preserve them – an album, an image box, wall art, etc.

When to book?

Please book your session 2-3 months before your due date.

Newborn sessions sell out quickly. I book a maximum of 8 newborn sessions per month in order to be sure to be able to adapt to baby’s unpredictable arrival date.

It’s really important to book before baby’s arrival. You’ll be so busy during the first weeks that it’s easier to do everything you can before the birth. Booking early will help us plan your session better.

When you book I’ll pre-schedule your session at day 7 after your due date. Once the baby arrives we’ll fix your photo-session.

Your baby is already here but you haven’t booked your session? Contact me and I’ll try to fit you in my schedule or refer you to a fellow photographer.

How much does it cost?


You will find the different pricing options on the price page.

You may book just a newborn session  or combine it with a maternity session or a baby plan.


During your viewing session you will have the choice of different fine art products.

Our prints and albums are designed to last. You will be able to admire your pictures beautifully printed for years to come.

Do you like what you see?



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Do you like what you see?


Would you like to book your newborn baby photo session?


Do you have any additional questions?


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