Documentary family photography – Real life photo sessions 

What is family documentary photography?


Do you like simple pictures that represent your kids and your family life as it is?

Little moments of pure joy, shared hugs, your kids having fun, jumping, screaming, their true expressions, photos that show their character. Simply your family life.

If you answered yes, documentary photography may be a good fit for you.

If you would rather like posed pictures with the whole family smiling at the camera, documentary photography may be the wrong choice for you. During a documentary session, we will take some minutes for family portraits but the main focus will be on documenting your family life and activities.


What happens during a documentary photo session?

We may meet for a whole day or for some hours. We may show in the pictures any of your daily routines – kids walking up, playing, a family activity, a celebration, a trip.

I will be an observer of your day and I will intervene as little as possible.

These are natural and true photos. We will be far from the posed portrait, of the perfect family who smiles in front of the camera, the type portrait of “royal family”.

I will participate in all your activities on the day of shooting – children who wash their teeth, meals, sports activities, a trip to the park or museum, a teenager who cleans up his room without being forced to do so … I am told that it exists. Have you ever seen it? Let me dream :-)

We will share together the moments of joy but also the small crises that inevitably occur in all our family days – a small sulk, a skinned knee and especially the hug that follows.

How to prepare your photo session?


You do not have to do anything special to prepare the day. Enjoy a day with your kids and stay who you are.

We will meet before your photo session. It will be an opportunity to tell me more about you and your children. We will discuss what’s important for you and what you would like to keep as memories.

The only advice is to avoid overloading the day and doing activities that are not usual. It is often in the small moments between two activities that are the most interesting. Your Sunday shopping can be as interesting from a photo point of view as a visit to an amusement park.

Why me?

In my previous life, I worked as a sociology researcher.

I love to observe, to try to understand the world around me and to restore it in images.

During a documentary photo session, I’ll be a part of your family for a day. You will let me see what other persons do not happen to see often. We should like each other and feel comfortable together. Let’s meet and see if it’s the case. Call me for your complimentary pre-session consultation.

What style of photos?


I like simple and poetic pictures.

Pictures that show your family and what makes you unique.

The personality of your children and the interactions between your family members, the dynamic moments or the quieter moments. Everything can be interesting.

When is the good moment for a documentary photo session?


There is no perfect moment.

These photo sessions can be interesting with babies, with young children or with teenagers.

Your family may be a small single-parent family or a large stepfamily.

The goal is to show your true life, as it is.

Our families are unique, your photos will be too.

How much does it cost?


You will find the different pricing options on the price page.

For me the most important part to keep from a photo session is paper.
I have lovely wall prints and albums that you can use in order to keep your pictures. Your kids should be able to see those pictures 20 or 50 years from now.

Do you want to know more?


This interview that I made on documentary photos of families may interest you.


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Do you like what you see?



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