Your kids and family photo-session

What’s the best moment for kids photography


Every moment of your child development is important.

You are welcome with your newborn, toddler or child.

You may come on a special occasion – first steps, birthday, family visit, holidays, first day at school or just to celebrate an ordinary day.

Once the newborn stage (first two weeks of the baby) is over some important stepstones during the first year are:

  • when your baby can hold his head when put on his belly,
  • when can sit by himself,
  • stand by himself,
  • starts to walk
  • and of course his first birthday.

You can’t choose when to come? I have baby plans for the first two years of your baby.

What to expect during your session


The duration of your session will depend on your child’s age and character. Some kids may need more time in order to feel confortable, others will be at easy very quickly.

The minimal duration of the session is one hour. I always keep at least 3 hours between two photo-sessions in order to be sure that even the shyest kid will have enough time in order to feel at ease and show his personality. If you want to keep memories of your daily life, please consider a day in the life or a lifestyle session.

I always conduct my photo-sessions as games. Depending on the age of your child we will jump, tickle, run, play.

My aim is to show your child personality and the relationships in your family.


What type of pictures

I love simple clean and timeless photography. Your child and your family should be central point. I would love to document your family relationships and help you preserve your story. We may meet for a studio or for an outdoor session.

We will discuss timing and locations on pre-session consultation.



When to book

If your schedule is flexible and you are available on weekdays 2-3 weeks are generally enough.

If you want to have your pictures taken on a specific date please book as soon as possible.

Pre-session consultation

Once you book your photo-session we will schedule a pre-session consultation. The aim is to get to know you better and adapt the session to your particular needs.

We may do it by phone or in-person in the studio. The choice is yours.

Viewing appointment

We will meet again two weeks after the session. During this appointment I’ll present you the best 20-25 pictures from the session.

During that appointment you will be able to select your favourite pictures and the way you would like to preserve them – an album, an image box, wall art, etc.

How much does it cost?


You will find the different pricing options on the price page.

You may book just one session or several sessions as part of a baby plan during the first two years of your baby.


During your viewing session you will have the choice of different fine art products.

Our prints and albums are designed to last. You will be able to admire your pictures beautifully printed years from now.

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Baby boy with brother
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