Welcome Muzeiko!


Muzeiko is a new science center in Sofia, Bulgaria opening this 1st of October.

It’s a place where kids and adults may learn in a fun and playful way.


The rule of the game – you have to touch and try everything!

Science can be so entertaining that you will want to come again and again. Astonomy, history, paleontology, biology … are just some of the domains you will discover there.


I look forward for having fun with Muzeiko and work with him again!

You have to plan a visit if you are around Sofia.


Kids and science


I have the great pleasure to work with Muzeiko’s team for several years now.

Here are some examples from a recent project on kids and science we had together.

We asked unsolved scientific questions and get plenty of creative answers from those future scientists.


Muzeiko: Can we live forever?

Viktoria: No when we get old we can’t anymore.


Muzeiko: Do parallel worlds exit?

Deo: Yes, when it’s midnight in China it’s 8AM in Sofia but in fact it’s the same moment.


Muzeiko:  Why do we sleep?

Atanas: My mom said that when people sleep they order their thought on bookshelfs. I think it’s a joke.


Muzeiko: How animals find their way when they migrate?

Nikol: They think in a different way from us. As we have highways that do have roads in the sky that they recognize.


Muzeiko: Why do people dream?

Yana: People do dream when they were impressed by something. They do as well when they are afraid of something that can happen. Dreaming is a preparation for those things.

Some persons do not dream. They have seen to much and can’t get impressed anymore.