B’cause children are future scientists and because science is a process




You know how sometimes things fit together in the most natural way (and sometimes, of course, they don’t :)


This is how it happened that I started the B’cause project (or rather the project started me), which somehow puzzled together my passion for science communication, love for photography and the joy that always comes from working with children. Some of you may know that I worked in Université libre de Bruxelles for quite some time prior to opening Ralitza Photography. Part of my job was science communication.


Science in society


Promoting science in the society and especially for children has been intriguing me for a very long time but scientists in the Université Libre de Bruxelles really got me amazed with the wonderful world of finding how and why things work. As I talked with kids while photographing them, already in the studio, I found out how much scientists and children have in common – the open mind, the questions, the different perspective to life in general. Just as an icebreaker I started talking to my little clients about scientific subjects but sometimes those developed in really deep conversations about black holes, technology, cure for cancer and many other. I have been doing this randomly for a while and got to the point where I really wanted to record these conversations and children’s brilliant and elaborate thoughts about scientific questions and challenges. (Also think that NASA may be actually interested to get a few suggestions:)


By this portraits project both Muzeiko and me we aim to promote science to children and to keep their interest alive. Muzeiko is the first children’s museum in Bulgaria. It’s a must-visit place if you are in Sofia.




Together with Muzeiko we worked on the project


We picked children’s brains on different questions raised by some actual scientists.





Some outcomes


Here are some of the questions we asked to the kids and their answers




On the question – “How did the dinosaurs disappear?” 

 Perla, told us – but we all dye at the end! 


real life portrait of a girl


On the question – why do people fall in love? 

Mia told us – “If you are not in love you can’t marry. If you do not marry you can’t have a baby and then there will be nobody to take care of him when you are at work!”

Real life portrait of a girl

Can you travel back in time? 

Beni told us: “Sure you can. If you have a fast military plane or a Labourdgini. But I do not want to travel back. I just want to go and visit the lions” 
Real life portrait of a young boy in the grass

Why do Dung Beetles carry balls of poo? 

For Iva, it’s in order to use it in the construction of their home. 


outside real life portrait of a girl


How do earthquakes happen? 

The tectonic plates are alive. They are like plants and animals. That’s why from time to time they move. 

Portrait of a boy - real life photography brussels

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