Todler 6 months

I love photographing baby’s first year and witness the changes that occur every month.

Never again you will change so much for one year.
Do you know that from birth to 6 months babies usually double their birth weight? At 1 year they would most probably triple it. It will never happen again during your life … hopefully :

They change rapidly from a totally dependent baby to a toddler with his own character and ideas on life.

baby This baby came on the day of his 6 months birthday. He was such a pleasure to photograph.
6 month is a very nice milestone to celebrate with a picture. Around that age babies usually can sit by themselves or with some support.

family portraitYou may integrate in your family pictures significant object. Here the parents used an airplane as they met in an airport. Little K. even got the opportunity to touch his father’s airplane model during the session. A big exception.

For me it important to have a picture of the parents together wiht the baby. Those are going to be so important when he’ll grow up.
baby with father


Here baby K. shows his newly acquired sitting skills.

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