Toddlers and young kids at the studio

a big jump

J and M came to the studio with their mom.

She is 8 months and he is 4 years old.

They are two kids full of energy who had great time during the session

Hope you can see it thought the pictures!

Moving is part of the pleasure

When parents of toddlers call me they are often worried how the kids will behave and if they are going to be calm.

I try to reassure the parents and tell them that not only I do not need the kids to be calm but that I’ll make them jump and play.

It’s between jump and running around that I have the best happy expressions. Natural smile and laugh doesn’t come when you force yourself to smile. It comes when you are having great time. So I try to make you have great time.

Do you think those two stayed calm during the session?

At eight or ten months


I love taking pictures of 8-10 months toddlers. Often that is the age they start to sit or crow around. Their perspective of the word changes completely.

Often they are very sociable, curios and it’s easy to make them laugh.

At any other age


The attentive readers will notice that I’ve already said that I love photographing newborns, tree months babies, one year old, 2-4 years curios kids, teenagers ….

In fact I love all kids. Every child and every stage is specific but has it’s own beauty.

My studio is in a nice natural environment.

As the Brussels weather was fine we also made some pictures in the garden.

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