5 photographs I wish I had… but it’s too late
The daily life pictures I miss

There are occasions in life in which we know we want to have pictures taken.
Many of us remember to take out the camera or mobile phone on the first day of school, Christmas eve or when we visit new places during the holidays.
We even hire photographers for our newborn, annual school picture or weddings.

When I look at the albums and photo boxes from my childhood, I see photos of all those big moments in my life.

That picture was done at one of those big moments – My first school day.

First school day

The picture is certainly funny but absolutely does not represent the little girl I used to be. It must be the first and last time in my life I had bows in my hair.
On this extraordinary day, mom has tried to make me look girlish but it was just not the ordinary me.

Documentary picture from 1980

This picture represents me much more. The socs that are falling, the scratched legs, the strange way I stand.

I miss having more photos like this of the little moments of the everyday life.
I miss photos of the interactions with my family and the small routines.

Here are 5 moments I wish I had pictures.

1. Every day life in a summer with my grand-mother chasing the goats

Just before starting primary school, I spent two months in our holiday house with my grandmother.
At the beginning of the summer on a whim, my grandfather had bought a goat with two babies. My grand mother was leaving in the city and was absolutely not an expert on animals.
For the two months holiday, my grandma and I tried in vain to learn how to take care of the animals.

It was long before Google, we had no idea of what we are doing and no way to google “how to take care of a goat”.
We had so much fun.

I have memories of long walks in the mountains with the goats, the races with the animals, my grandma trying to get some drops of milk, the stories she used to tell me.
I miss pictures of the daily life during that summer.

2. Picture with my mom telling me stories about science

I have several every-day life pictures with my mom at the time when I was a baby.

Then, in the years that followed somehow the photos were less present.

The pictures in my albums are more often limited to photos from the holidays or other big events. I have also some studio photos with unrelated to me objects.

a picture of daughter and mother

My mom was a researcher in biophysics.

She loved telling me stories about her research – the molecules, the permeability of the membranes, what happen when you froze a green pea.

I loved visiting her lab, touching the devices, looking in the microscope.
I would really have liked to have pictures of those visits to the lab and our interactions.

3. My sister’s childhood

My sister is 10 years younger than me and I looked after her a lot when we were kids.
I often took her for walks, changed her diapers, played with her.
I also used her as a living doll.

I wish I had more photos of everyday life with her.

child with grand parents
I cherish this everyday documentary photo because it helps me remind many stories.

I love to see the expressions of my grandparents, the clothes, the place.

4. The morning hug

I have more photos of my son’s daily life.

Nevertheless, I made the same mistake as my parents.

I have several full albums from the first 2-3 years. Then for many years the pictures are mainly related to holidays and big events.

a picture with my baby

That morning cuddle is from the time he was 2 or 3 months old.
He kept joining me at bed for a morning cuddle at least for the next 10 years.

I loved that morning ritual. Those few minutes of stolen sleep were so nice.
I wish I had some more of those in pictures.

5. My elderly grandparents

I kept a special connection with my “goat” grandmother for my entire life.
The photos I have of her are mostly portraits. I love them very much but I would have liked to have pictures of the ordinary days with her.

She is the person who taught me how to ride a bike, use a tape writer, make filo pastry, start a fire.
I have none of those in pictures.

Family portrait - my son and my grand mother

I wish I also had pictures of interactions with her when I was already an adult.

I have some photos of her with the family but non with me.

Because I was sure I’m not photogenic, too fat, too tired…
Do those excuses seem familiar to you?

I would even like to have taken photos during the visit to the nursing home which I knew was the last one. I did not do it and I regret it.

All these memories are distant.
The more the time passes by, the more the reality and the stories that I created in my head get mixed and become inseparable.
I would have liked to have visual supports to my memories to be able to keep them longer.

What about you?

What are the photos you miss?

It might be too late for you too to get those childhood pictures for yourself, but it’s not too late for you to get them for your kids
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