A beautiful celebration is done in China for the 30 days of a new baby.

Illein and her mom came to the studio for the celebration of her 30 days.


30-Day Rule — 坐月子

This is a Chinese custom protecting moms and babies during the first thirty days after giving birth. Moms receive extra attention and protection.

The 30 days period ends with a big celebration.

Baby pictures at 30 days

Baby Illein came to the studio for her 30 days celebration.

Usually I photograph younger newborn babies but the 30 days celebration was a good occasion to meet Illein.

She was a just a wonderful little sweetheart. She slept part of the session and looked at me with her big eyes the rest of it.

Her family members back home in China were happy to receive pictures of her and her mom.

Do you know why mom was laughing so much for this picture?

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